A Smarter Way to Manage and Secure Multiple Remote Sites

Spend less time in your truck and more time at home. 

Make less phone calls.

Take on more projects.

Store all of your project’s pictures to the cloud.




“I’ve been using SiteCams for about a year now to help me look at my jobs a little more efficiently.  I can find out when my materials are being delivered, when my guys are there, when my guys aren’t there.  It has really helped a lot on helping me be more efficient, which turns into profitability.”

Matt Channel

Owner & Builder | Southern Outdoor Appeal

No Hardware to Purchase

We lease our SiteCams.  We ship you a SiteCam, you use it, and move it to the next job site when its time.  We charge you monthly for use with no minimums.  

Construction Grade

We aren’t dainty like the other guys.  Our rugged modular design is built for the job site.  

Easy to Install / Easy to Use

SiteCams come pre-configured, which means you don’t have to do anything “techy.”  Just mount it, plug it in, and start monitoring your job sites from anywhere.

No WiFi Needed

SiteCams are cellular based, so you don’t have to worry about having WiFi to operate.  

Snapshots Anytime

SiteCams take snapshots of your job site automatically every 30 minutes and you can refresh a snapshot in real-time whenever you want.

24/7 Video Recording

SiteCams record HD video in the background 24/7.  If you have an incident, just let the SiteCams team know and we help you pull the footage you need.

Cloud Storage Included

All of your snapshots will be stored in our cloud based servers and accessible on any device through our browser software.